Lodges in Nyungwe National Park

Lodges in Nyungwe National Park

Where to stay while at Nyungwe National Park, where to stay on your tea plantation tour in Rwanda?

Nyungwe national park is located in the southwestern part of Rwanda having the unique canopy walk activity, chimpanzee trekking with 2 habituated chimpanzee groups one having 60 and the other 30 members, nature walks and hiking, birding with about 300 bird species with 29 Albertine species. Many people also come to nyungwe national park to watch the troops of colobus monkeys that settled in the forest found in the middle of the gisakura tea plantation and also many more come for the tea plantations. Whatever the cause, all the travelers who come to nyungwe national park always have to relax in one of the Lodges in Nyungwe National Park, and that is why there are varieties of accommodation options at nyungwe national park starting with camping inside the park. Note There is no well-structured accommodation facility within the nyungwe national park but the visitors of the park and the tea plantations use the nearby lodges and these are categorized under 3 groups depending on the rates and the services. The 3 categories include luxury, mid-range, and budget lodges in nyungwe national park.

The following are Lodges in Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe house / nyungwe forest lodge

This is a luxurious lodge located in a remote area on the borders of the nyungwe forest. The lodge has got about 24 well-designed and self-contained rooms having balconies from which you can see the tea plantations and the forest canopy from the aside. this was the first luxury lodge to be established in the region having 24 rooms that are subdivided into the villa and each villa is made up of 4 rooms. The lodge has also gat 2 presidential suites each located in a private villa with a private jacuzzi. The modern declarations inside the rooms make the place fit for international clients and hone mooners enjoying the forest view

Nyungwe top view hill hotel

Established in 2011 on top of one of the hills in nyungwe. The hotel has 12 well-established rooms each room with a private balcony, self-contained with comfortable king and queen size beds, and one of the best views of the nyungwe forest and the tea plantations. The hotel is very close to the park’s headquarter since it’s only a 5-minute drive from the main road.

ORTPN rest house / gisakura guest house

The place has 12 rooms offering accommodation to those who are not ready to spend lots yet they wish to enjoy. The place is found 2km from nyungwe national park near the gasikura tea plantation. Some of the recreation activities while at gisakura guest house we have birding, forest walks, chimp tracking, vervet and colobus monkey trekking, canopy walk.

Nyungwe iwacu village

The lodge is just 4km far from the nyungwe national park’s western entrance. nyungwe each village is located on top of mount ruvumbu with queen bed sizes and it’s kid-friendly allowing clients with their pets but the restricting client who smoke.

Gasikira family hostel

This hostel is located in the western province at nyamasheke offering a budget kind of Acco location and facilities. It’s a 5 hour 2 minutes drive from Kigali city and a 5 hour 8 minutes drive from Kigali international airport.

Chimpanzee lodge

Found in the western province at nyamasheke 3.7 km from Karumba hiking trail. The chimpanzee lodge has a restaurant, garden, and accommodations.

Nyungwe nziza ecolodge

Its located in the southern province at nyamagabe very close to nyungwe national park in the small city of kitabi at a quiet location in the middle of nature. Nyungwe nziza ecolodge has a comfortable hotel and camping with deluxe tents and portable tents.

Nyungwe eco-village

It’s a budget lodge Located in the southern province at nyamagabe in kitabi sector 1kilometer from the eastern entrance of nyungwe national park

Kitabi eco-center

A budget lodge found at nyamagabe in the southern province is 1km from the park’s edge as the lodge is only separated by a tea plantation from the nyungwe national park. The lodge is only 33km away from the uwinka reception center. The place is for backpackers and budget clients.  
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