Kwita Izina Gorilla Naming Ceremony

Kwita Izina – Gorilla Naming Ceremony

Chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda

Chimpanzee trekking at nyungwe national park Chimpanzees in Rwanda can be found at nyungwe national park and gishwati mukura national park but chimpanzee trekking is only present at nyungwe national park place with about 500 chimpanzees and only two habituated chimpanzee groups ready for trekking. Nyungwe national park is found in the southwestern part of Rwanda close to the border of Burundi, south of Lake Kivu, and west of congo. Nyungwe national park has got two potential areas for chimpanzee trekking and these are Uwinka and Cyamudongo which is a home of 13 primates including 500 chimpanzees these primates can include Ruwenzori colobus, l’hoest’s monkey, silver monkey, golden monkey, hamlyuis monkey, red-tailed monkey, dent’s mona monkey, vervet monkey, olive baboon, and the grey checked mangabey.   To explore Rwanda and enjoy the chimpanzees, you are seriously advised to deal with the local tour operators mostly ADVENTURE IN THE WILD SAFARI so as they have professional guides ready to take you through Rwanda and any other African country of your choice. Trekking chimpanzees is an early morning activity and here the guide is to pick you up and you go to the park headquarters at uwinka for the briefing and then hereafter the trekking will start at 5 am leaving the place with a ranger guide and trackers. After you have allocated the chimpanzees you are permitted to spend only one hour with them. The chimpanzee trekking permit is 90 USD for foreigners and 60 USD  for the citizens of Rwanda. The trekking can kick off at any of the three reception centers of the park and these are uwinka, kitabi, and gisakura. The tourist is expected to be at the reception by 4:30 am to catch up with the trekking that starts at 5:00 am

The few things to note before chimpanzee trekking include the following;

Carry insect repellents Hiking boots Rain gears Binoculars Trousers and long-sleeved shirts are highly recommended You have to be 15 years and above Drinking water and snacks  

Facts about chimpanzees and trekking at nyungwe

Chimpanzee trekking is far different from gorilla trekking Chimpanzees are always seen swinging from tree to tree The age limit of chimpanzee trekking is 15 Trekking at nyungwe is fast and easy as the trackers go knowing where the chimpanzees are Chimpanzees are man’s closest as they relate 98.7% of DNA Chimpanzees communicate with ear defining screams A wild chimpanzee can only be found in Africa with Rwanda inclusive Chimpanzees belong to great apes Chimpanzee are omniverse

Other activities at nyungwe national park besides chimpanzee trekking

Cultural encounters

After the chimpanzee trekking, you are to have some refreshments and then go in for the cultural and community visit where you are to explore the unique cultures of Rwanda. Starting with the kitabi cultural village to the community village of banda you will enjoy the dances and performances by the cyamudongo cultural trope or the nyungwe friends with all of them expressing their rich drama, dance, storytelling, and culture. Going through the different art and craft shops you are to get yourself a souvenir from these local art pieces and handcrafts.

Climbing mountain bigugu

Mountain bigugu is 2950 meters high with its peak offering you the best view of the forest and the volcanoes. the mountain is found within the nyungwe forest.

Visiting gisakura tea plantation

During the evening you are to go and visit the gisakura tea plantation to see how tea is grown and to also visit the processing plant. You are to see how the harvesting process is done and here you can also engage in the process. You are to enjoy the beautiful scenery comprised of the forest and the bigugu mountain.

Visiting the waterfalls

There are numerous waterfalls within the area but you are to visit one of the waterfalls and here let’s go through the isumo waterfalls found close to the luxury nyungwe house and this can be reached after enjoying the isumo waterfall trail with its steep and slippery areas. The waterfall looks great as they penetrate and squeeze through the rock as they ride down and continue deep into the forest with its sweet sound, cool breezes and the unique view of the forest you cant regret the hike.

Hikes and nature walks

Starting with the 130km constructed trails to the ngabwe trail, the bigugu trail, the kamiranzou marsh trail, the canopy trail, the congo nile trail, the igishigishigi trail, karamba birding trail, the irebero trail, isumo waterfall trail, imbaraga trail, the muzimu trail, the rukuzi trail, the umuyove trail and the umugote trail you will enjoy the best hikes and nature walks ever with a variety of birds, primates, insects and beautiful sounds from the rivers and waterfalls.

Birding at nyungwe

Nyungwe national park has got over 300 bird species with 29 Albertine species and some of the birds waiting for you at nyungwe include the following, the Shelley’s Crimsonwing, the Neumann’s warbler, sunbirds, Ruwenzori nightjar, the Ruwenzori batis, the Ruwenzori Apalis, the large blue turaco, the Kung we Apalis, the handsome francolin, the Grauer’s warbler, the dusky crimson wing, the archer’s robin chat, and the Apalis argentea.

Canopy walks

Having a few canopy walk destinations in Africa with only one in East Africa and this can only be found at nyungwe national park in Rwanda, this gives you the perfect aerial view of the forests enjoying the plenty of birds and primates chilling on the trees.

The accommodations during your chimpanzee trekking

There are a variety of accommodation facilities while at nyungwe national park but not forgetting there is none within the park except the camping centers. The lodges and hotels can be found outside but close to the park with all that suites your wallet ranging from the luxury, mid-range, and lastly down to the budget clients. The lodges at nyungwe national park include the following;

Nyungwe house

This was established in the year 2010 just outside the park on a tea plantation with self-contained luxurious rooms, a gym, and a swimming pool.

Gisakura top view hotel

Established in 2011 near nyungwe forest with mid-range facilities. The lodges offer you a great view of the countryside.      
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