The king's palace Nyanza

The king’s palace Nyanza
The king’s palace is located on the hilltop at Nyanza just 88 kilometers from Kigali international airport. The king’s palace is also at times known as the rukari museum. This is a cultural destination in Rwanda found in Nyanza town north of butare and the place has beautifully crafted architecture. There is a new palace constructed just 3.4 kilometers from the main one. At this place get ready to know the history, traditions, battles, conquests, power struggles, and royal intrigues.  The king plance still holds king Mutiara III rudahingwa’s bed, drums, arrows, utensils, bows, shields, and many more of his belongings. Previous Rwanda’s mornachy was mobile going around the different locations not until they decided to settle at Nyanza because it was the heart of Rwanda. Nyanza was a site for battle and power struggles that why the monarchy desided to settle here with the kingdom’s 2,000 inhabitants. The palace was the home of the two ruling kings of the early 20th century to its mid. They had different ceremonies in honor of the king and during the ceremonies there cattle played a big role. They had long horned cattle derived from ankole’s breed and these were trained to follow there trainers as they were singing to them. During the ceremonies the cows were decorated with jewelry as they were paraded during the stately parade. Behind the king’s palace is a few inyambo cattle from the kings herd whose keepers sing to them in order to keep tradition alive. By the year 1962 when Rwanda gained its independence, the monarchy ceased but the breeding of the Yambo cattle is still on going by the focus of Rwanda agriculture board. While at the king’s palace you can conclude the history by visiting the mwima hill where the king and the wife queen Rosalie gicanda were put to rest. There are photos of the kings and there families on the walls of the buildings were you also see some of the poles supporting the palace’s roof having different names. The pole at the entrance to the kings bed was named “do not speak of anything that happens here” and the other pole is said to conferred sanctuary on any one touching it. Close to the kings palace is the ethnographic museum in the big house with the best ethnographic collections in African. In order to add the kings palace on your safari package to Rwanda or Africa, you can contact the local tour operators though I highly recommend you to ADVENTURE IN THE WILD SAFARIS as they are well experienced with good reviews in African safaris and tours giving you the best tour guide, best package to meet your desires, the best accommodation facilities on your safari.
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