Guide to Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Guide to Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Best Guide to Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda

Introduction of gorilla trekking in Rwanda in the volcanoes national park.

Traveling to the volcanoes national park in Rwanda leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller after seeing the gorillas in their natural habitats. Visiting Rwanda is really something interesting and amazing to any client.

Rwanda does not only have gorillas but it also has other primates like the golden monkeys, these also make many tourists to travel and trek them. Country wide, the mountain gorillas are found in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. When it comes to Rwanda specifically we find the mountain gorillas in the volcanoes national park which is 2hrs and 18 minutes without traffic jam from Kigali to the volcanoes where the mountain gorillas are trekked

The volcanoes national park in Rwanda was first gazzeted as a national park in 1925 and is the oldest national park on the African continent .It was gazetted in order to protect the mountain gorillas from poachers .In 1925 , the volcanoes national park was extended from Rwanda into Congo .This park is found in northwestern Rwanda ,it covers 160km2 of the rain forest and encompasses five of the eight volcanoes in the Virunga mountains ,namely kirisimbi ,bisoke ,muhabura gahinga and sabinyo .It boarders Virunga national park in Congo and mgahinga gorilla national park in Uganda .It is a home to the mountain gorillas and the golden monkey and was a base for the primatologist dian fossey .

Trekking mountain gorillas in the volcanoes national park

This Rwanda Gorilla Safaris, Will give you only memories and leave foot prints. In the volcanoes national park in Rwanda, there are over twenty families of the mountain gorillas comprised of around 280 individual gorillas living on the slopes of the Virunga volcanoes, and of the twenty families, twelve families are visited with the ten being visited each day. It is also known that Rwanda gorillas are divided into 2 groups that is those fro study purposes and researchers only. These groups include the Beets me and the Pablo’s shidas which have the highest number of the gorillas. There are also ten gorilla’s families where by these are for tourism purposes only. Among these groups are; ugenda umubano, Susa group, karisimbi, sabinyo, hirwa, amahoro, bwengye, the agasha group and the kwitonda.

The Susa gorilla trek

This group was researched by dian fossey, it derived its name from the river Susa which used to flow in the home range of these mountain gorillas. This is a very beautiful family that every visitor may want see once he or she comes to Rwanda. However, this is the most difficult family to trek because it is found far in the mountains and therefore visitors find it more hard for them to trek them. This group is very interesting with a family size of 28 gorilla individuals with three silverbacks. This group is known for its twins that is the impano and the byishimo which are prettier and playful hence making many tourists interested. Here the tourists get to see the mother of twins Nyabitondore take care of the twins, breast feeding them and carrying them.

The sabinyo gorilla group safari

This group can be easily reached and it is known that has the strong silverback called guhonda. This silver back is very massive big and impressive. In comparison to other gorilla families, sabyino has the smallest number of members.

Sabyino derived its name from the sabyino volcano which actually means the teeth of the old man.

Amahoro gorilla tours
Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda
Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda

This name amahoro simply means peace, therefore this means that the amahoro gorilla tours is a peace full group. It has seventeen members that is the silver back, two adult females, 2 juveniles, 2 sub adult males and 5 babies. Amahoro gorilla later lost members to the ubumwe family led by Charles.

Umubano gorilla safari group

This word means neighborliness, this group comprises of eleven individuals that is a silverback, a sub adult male, three adult females as well as six babies. Umubano were initially members of the amahoro group however after sometime they separated going into ubumwe the dominant silver back led by Charles. As time moved on Charles grew up into an adult silver back just as ubumwe, he then decided to fight and eventually called ubumwe. This fight went on for some time at the end Charles was able to win the couple of the females from ubumwe hence forming a group. Since then there was no fight again but just interactions and respect.

Ugende family gorilla adventure

This name ugenda family gorilla adventure means being on the move since the family was constantly moving from one place to another. Therefore, this would make it very difficult for the visitors to track this family because it would not settle on one place. This group lives in Rwandan karisimbi area, it comprises of gorillas and silver backs.

Bwenge gorillas in the mist trek

This family consists of 11 members with  a silver back .it is found in the slopes of karisoke volcano, this group has faced a lot of challenging times which included the death of six infants .However this group is becoming strong with two successful births in the past couple years as well as a strong silver back leader .This group trek to be visited is quite challenging and includes a time of 3 hours .This is because the trails are slippery ,muddy and steep .Bwenge was the silverback that led the group which was established in 2007 after he left his birth group and was joined by other females coming from other gorilla groups .

Hirwa group trekking

This simply means being a lucky one. Hirwa group has nine individuals, one being silverback, three adult females, two sub adult females as well as 3 babies. However, it is the newest gorilla group but still it is strong and well safeguards its members.

Karisimbi family gorilla trek

It is known that this family separated from the Susa family and today it is referred to as a Susa b or the karisimbi group .karisimbi group is good for those who are good at hiking and who love it .The family is composed of 15 individuals and normally found on the slopes of mountain karisimbi volcano ,the highest peak of Rwanda .Therefore it seems this family formed its home in the higher mountain of karisimbi caldera making it difficult for the visitors to hike and find out the gorillas for trekking .


Kwitonda family gorilla adventure

The group has only 18 members led by the kwitonda silverback. This name means the humble one. The family has 2 silverbacks plus a black back. This family moved too far in the democratic republic of Congo making it difficult and challenging to be trekked by the tourists.

NOTE; For those interested in seeing and trekking the mountain gorillas in their natural habitats, sabinyo silver back lodge is recommended for your stay, it is only a 15-minute drive from the volcanoes national park headquarters, the starting point for the gorilla trek.

The trekking starts very early at 7 am at the headquarters , it starts with a briefing about the precautions and the rules as well as the etiquette of how to trek the gorillas and this includes the tour guide who Is experienced about the trekking in the jungle .There after  you will proceed with the hike to  the jungle to trek the mountain gorillas ,each trek should have only 8 members ,avoid shouting , mimicking , throwing food to them ,make sure   a distance is maintained  once you reach those primates .As you move the tour guide will show you the foot prints of the gorillas which will help you to reach and find them  in a short time where they are grazing .However as a you start your journey , it is not a must that you will find these primates therefore it will be luck to find them .The trek takes something like 30 minutes to an hour and once you find these primates , you will be allowed to stay with them for over an hour relaxing with them and feeling the natural habitats .

What to carry as you go to trek the mountain gorillas

As you start the hike to the jungle to trek the mountain gorillas, you should remember to carry un umbrella, a rain court, a hat, a jacket, and you should also remember to dress up well with the long sleeved shirts, and the trousers to avoid coldness up. This is because the weather changes and sometimes it is not conducive to the human beings. Note: Things to do in Rwanda

Visit Gorillas in Rwanda Price and costs for the gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda

The gorilla trekking in Rwanda costs 1500 dollars per person and it is a one-day trek, you should put this in your mind that part of your contribution goes to conserving these mountain gorillas.

2 days’ gorilla trekking in Rwanda in the volcanoes national park is 1900 dollars

3 days’ gorilla trekking Rwanda 2100 dollars to 3000.

NOTE; most Rwanda tour operators have different prices depending on seasons costs and accommodation.

The cost of an ordinally permit is 1500 dollars per person

The cost for a special exclusive gorilla safari experience is 15000 dollars and the scenes gorilla trip for 3 days’ costs 30000 dollars per person.

Accommodations in Rwanda

Tiloreza volcanoes eco lodge

Guide to Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda
Guide to Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda

It is located in musanze in kinigi road ,this lodge has  provided better services to many visitors hence making them to come back next time .its rooms are well renovated and self-contained with bathrooms and toilets inside , not forgetting  the showers in side .the lodge has a bar which is well filed with drinks for the visitors .The lodge has standard ,deluxe rooms a family room and a vip cottage which many people are proud of .The lodge has a serene environment and a bird watching terrace where the visitors always relax from .

The retreat

This is a lodge which has 20 rooms luxury boutique hotel created by the American owners of heaven. The retreat offers services like a solar heated salt water, swimming pool with diving rocks and a hot tube. This retreat has gym in the rooms, a spacious living room, accommodation both full board and half board, and a private indoor and outdoor space where to relax from. This has attracted many tourists to come and trek in Rwanda despite its trekking permit being too high.

Heaven boutique hotel

This hotel is composed of 31 rooms. I t offers a solar heated salt water, swimming pool and the heaven fitness and yoga deck. The lodge has a gym, mini fridge, television, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning it also offers coffee tea to mention but a few. The lodge has all types of rooms, it has the standard rooms, the family room, double room and the standard rooms. Each of these rooms is self-contained with water inside, accommodation full board and half board not forgetting the balcony where visitors relax from after the trekking.

Singita lodge in the volcanoes national park

This is a luxurious lodge which has rooms that are ensuite. This lodge shares a 1.2 km border with the park and feature everything from the private heated plunge pools to in and out door fire places. The lodge has rooms such as the single rooms, double rooms, family rooms and a standard room. The lodge has a bar which is well filled with drinks that most visitors like and a balcony where to relax after trekking. It has a fire place where fire is lit in the evening to protect the visitors and to give them warmth.

Bisate lodge

This one of the most beautiful lodges in the volcanoes national park in Rwanda.

It has six ensuite bedrooms built into the hills, these include, the double rooms, the single rooms, standard rooms and the family rooms, these rooms are designed with an icon, roofs of each rooms echoing the king’s palace of nyanza. They provide both full board and half board to their customers.

Sabyinyo silverback lodge

This lodge was set close to the park headquarters in the volcanoes national park. The lodge is liked by many clients because of its services, it has a private a cottage set in expansive gardens with magnified views .it has a bar which has all the drinks, it has a fie place which is lit in the evening and night to provide to protect the clients. Not forgetting the restaurant which provides both foods and drinks hence impressing the clients.

Virunga lodge in the volcanoes national park in Rwanda

Virunga Lodge
Virunga Lodge

This lodge is found on the hill top and it gives good views to the volcanoes national park. This interests most clients hence making them to always book this lodge. The lodge has a standard room, double room, family room and single rooms, all the rooms are ensuite. The lodge also has a bar and a restaurant meant to cater for all the clients all these services have made the clients to come back to Rwanda hence earning income.


Travelling is the only thing that you can buy that makes you happier and richer. Therefore, for one to become happy you should travel to Rwanda and do gorilla trekking which will make you happy for the rest of your life. We Recommend Gorilla Trekking Uganda too as one of the outstanding tours with the view of the Mountain Gorilla in Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga National Parks

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