Honey moon safaris in Uganda.

The pearl of Africa is an excellent site for a honeymoon safari because it is surrounded by various   wildlife species such as zebras, lions, African elephants, leopards, and spotted hyenas, among others. This country also offers a good warm climate in comparison to other countries, gorgeous waterbodies such as lakes and rivers, and a relaxing ambiance.
A honey moon is also defined as one of the ways that a newlywed couple takes time away to celebrate their love and new marriage. Individuals always improve their level of intimacy and get to know each other better at this time. Furthermore, travelers who wish to come to Uganda on their honeymoon safari can always visit areas such as;

Where to go while on a honey moon safari in Uganda.

Below  are some of the intriguing sites that the newlywed couple may always go to calm, relax, and tour about in order to have fun and get new experiences.

Lake Bunyonyi.

This lake  is one of the top honey moon sites in Uganda, and it is located in the Kabale district in the western area of the country. Furthermore, Lake Bunyonyi is famed for being the deepest lake in the country and the globe, second only to Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. Staying around this lake for your honeymoon safari allows you to participate in a variety of activities such as boat cruises, bird watching, guided nature walks, hiking, community visits, cultural encounters, and getting to explore the 29 islands such as the Buhara islands and many others.

Murchison falls national park.

Murchison falls national park is located in the northwestern region of Uganda and is considered to be one of the best places to travel to for a honey moon safari. One of the reasons within this national park there are so many safari lodges where the newlywed couple could ever choose to stay and enjoy their romantic nights and waking up to the nice melodies of bird species and some of lodging facilities include; Pakuba safari lodge, Murchison rive safari lodge.
Furthermore, staying in Murchison Falls National Park provides the couple with numerous opportunities to engage in a variety of exciting activities such as bird watching, boat cruises on the Nile delta, chimp trekking from Budongo forest, sport fishing, game drives, and wildlife viewing where they will be able to see animals such as Lions, Uganda kob, Giraffes, African elephants, and many others.
Apart from the aforementioned locations, there are many more in Uganda where a couple can go for their honeymoon, including Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Ssese Islands, Entebbe, Jinja, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, and many others.
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Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria.

The 84 island archipelago known as the Ssese Islands is situated in the northwest corner of Lake Victoria. Ssese is conveniently reachable by boat from the Bukakata landing spot or Entebbe town.
For those who are eager to spend some quality time with their sweetheart, the Ssese Islands are a fantastic honeymoon getaway. The Islands provide breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, year-round holiday weather, and starry nights.
In addition to having the opportunity to play beach soccer or unwind on the beach, you get to sample some of the tastiest fish, Nile perch. It is also possible to schedule a solo fishing trip with service providers if that is your preference.
On this island, there are also nature and forest treks where you can encounter primates and birds.

Fort Portal.

A stunning town with a breathtaking landscape in western Uganda. Among the select few honeymoon spots you would like to return to each year.
Some of the lodges are situated close to the crater lakes, so you can expect to wake up to a serene setting with lovely views. If you don’t want to stay indoors, you can go on an adventure and track monkeys in the neighboring Kibale forest or go hiking to the Crater Lakes and Amabere Caves.

Jinja City.

East of Kampala, Jinja is 80 kilometers to the east and is known as the adventure capital of Africa. Many enjoyable activities, including sunset cruises, horseback riding, quad biking, rafting, and bungee jumping.
Wonderful lodging options, eateries, and motels abound in Jinja City.
A popular destination, the Source of the Nile is situated here. Sail along the Nile River and take in the sunset is the perfect choice for any fun-loving couple.

Entebbe Town.

Entebbe town, 35 kilometers from Kampala, features several excellent hotels and tourist attractions. The International Airport is located nearby, and most visitors discover it to be closer when they get to Uganda.
Although most of these locations have more expensive pricing than Kampala, the capital, the trip is nevertheless worthwhile. You can get some alone time to relax with your significant other in the nearby botanical gardens.
On the other hand, there are a lot of beaches around Lake Victoria where you can go swimming and catch some tasty fish.
You and your companion can visit Entebbe’s many other attractions during the day, including as the UWEC / Entebbe Zoo, the Reptiles Village, and other eateries.
For newlyweds, their honeymoon is undoubtedly the most memorable vacation and a significant turning point in their relationship. Therefore, a honeymoon vacation should be customized to include destinations and activities that the newlyweds will find very interesting.

Kidepo Valley National Park.

Traveling by plane from Entebbe to Lomej airstrip to experience the authentic African environment in Kidepo Valley National Park, which is situated in northwest Uganda, would rank among the most unforgettable experiences for a couple. This place is quite hot, so any couple has the opportunity to feel free and not “reserved.”
During the game drives, you will see lions, buffalo herds, elephants, giraffes, ostriches, and other wildlife while you are visiting. At one of the exclusive lodges, take in the ideal sundowner while watching the setting sun with your significant other.
Because Kidepo is located in a rural area, it is a good choice for any honeymoon safari couple who want to avoid being interrupted.
Final thoughts.
Due to the fact that so many individuals have had happy honeymoons and romantic holidays in Uganda, the locations listed above are strongly suggested. They’re supposed to serve as inspiration, but you may tailor your own honeymoon to incorporate the activities you like and exclude the ones you don’t.
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