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Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda is by far one of the most interesting things you can do while on your holiday in Africa. Visiting the endangered mountain Gorillas in Rwanda has been described by many as “a once in a lifetime experience” in which you get to see these great apes in their natural habitat.

The mountain gorillas have never been able to survive in captivity, and for one to see them, they have to travel either to Rwanda, Uganda or Congo, the only three countries in the world where you can track and see the mountain gorillas.  The most important thing about Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is that you are directly contributing to the conservation of this endangered species. This because a huge portion of the amount you pay for the Rwanda Gorilla trekking permit goes into the gorilla conservation activities.  The Gorillas in Rwanda are found in Volcanoes National Park, which can be accessed easily since it’s only a two-hour drive from Kigali City to Volcanoes national park on well tarmacked roads.

Despite the fact that Gorillas are the main attraction in Volcanoes National Park, there are several other interesting activities you can do in this park including Golden Monkey trekking, Hiking Mount Karisimbi, hiking mount Bisoke, Visiting the Iby’wacu cultural centre, exploring the Twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo, Dian Fossey Hike and so much more.

You can combine your Rwanda gorilla Tour with a visit to other parks such as Nyungwe Forest National Park where you can do chimpanzee trekking and the Akagera national Park where you can see the African Big Five and so many other flora and fauna.

Rwanda is a very beautiful country suitable for wildlife, cultural and adventure tourism as there are many tourist attractions you can visit while on your Rwanda Safari.  Contact Adventure in the wild safaris to find out more about Rwanda tours. We have several years of experience organizing customized safari tours in Rwanda.

Favorite Rwanda Tours & Safaris


3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Tour

Visit the famous safari activity in Rwanda which is gorilla trekking with an additive of a Rwanda cultural tour


5 Days Epic Gorilla Safari Adventure

Adventure on the great gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda to have a wonderful 5 days primate safari ever


6 Days Rwanda Discovery Safari

A great primate discovery start with a destination and rwanda is one of the most visited area having many primate groups


3 Days Rwanda Gorilla & Golden Monkey

Explore the great endangered gorillas and golden monkeys in this 3 days rwanda safari for a wonderful trip ever


5 Days Akagera and Gorillas

Join this gorilla trekking Rwanda safari, which provides several activities that will live your soul feeling lust for volcanoes gorillas


10 Days Experiencing Rwanda Adventure

Visit the Adventurous Volcanoes National Park found in Rwanda and holding the magical great apes that bring happiness to many


7 Days Rwanda Safari

Have a chance that takes you through all the potential destinations of Rwanda starting with the wildlife, boat cruise, and game viewing


14 Days Discovering Rwanda Tour

Discovery of the endangered gorillas is the start of conservation but you booking these 14 days Rwanda is the second major step


9 Days Rwanda Luxury Flying Safari

Fly-in Rwanda to encounter the great mountain gorillas found in the volcanoes national park in this 9 days rwanda tour


10 Days Rwanda Safari Holiday

Discover the great wilderness that offers two grand activities that are to say; gorilla trekking and golden monkey trekking for greatness


12 Days Gorilla Trekking With Masai Mara

Voyage the Rwanda destination for a great overview of the happiness achieved on an African safari as you view the gorillas


21 Days Experiencing Rwanda Tour

Have you ever encountered the great silverback gorilla if not this is your chance to visit Rwanda top ranking primate destination


6 Days Rwanda Gorilla And Lake Kivu

Making an extraordinary safari experience will take you interest to form a tailored safari like this 6 days Rwanda gorilla for greatness


8 Days Uganda And Rwanda Primate Tour

Involve in this 8 days uganda and Rwanda primate tour for a thunderous travel as you cross bores to join gorillas in East Africa


4 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Safari

Explore the mountain gorillas in this 4 days to know their behavior and get great smile showing great experience


2 Days Nyungwe Forest Chimpanzee

On encountering of the famous destination with chimpanzee primates of Rwanda, you will be amazed to going deeper for other animals


5 Day Nyungwe Forest National Park

Involve yourself in many activities during Rwanda safari where you will definitely enjoy the tallest canopy walk and other areas


6 Days Rwanda Primates Tour

Embark on an exploration of Rwanda primates since its affordable to enjoy the  mountain gorillas and chimpanzees

Uganda Gorilla Trekking From Rwanda


2 Days Uganda Gorilla trekking from Kigali

Discover the great wilderness of Uganda gorillas in this trip from Kigali to have an outstanding safari in the Bwindi Forest


3 Days Uganda gorilla trekking From Kigali

Have a chance to participate in a gorilla trekking experience that starts from Kigali to Uganda’s Bwindi Forest National park


5 Days Gorilla & Chimps from Kigali

Embark on this wonderfully long safari to visit the chimpanzees in Kibale and Gorillas in Bwindi coming directly from Kigali


6 Days Uganda Gorillas & game from Kigali

Have a fascinating trip with both the best national parks of Uganda known as Bwindi Forest and Queen Elizabeth from kigali


7 Days Uganda Gorilla Trek from Kigali

Explore the gorillas in a primate experience in this 7 days Uganda safari from kigali and a have a wonderous time ever


8 Days Rwanda & Uganda Tour from Kigali

Trek the great Volcanoes and Bwindi Forests to have a dazzling encounter of the gorillas of Uganda and Rwanda right from Kigali

Gorilla Trekking In Uganda

Gorilla trekking in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a fantastic wildlife experience, and if you’re starting from Kigali, Rwanda, it’s quite accessible. Start by traveling to Kigali, Rwanda. Kigali is the nearest major international airport to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. So be sure for a wonderful safari even from Kigali

Gorilla Trekking For Elderly, Seniors, & Disabled People

Gorilla trekking is not only done by young and energetic people but also elderly and seniors and disabled people that need special care and are recognised by the ranger or guide and due to the recent gorilla spotting they are able to trek nearby gorillas in there. So don’t hesitate to take gorilla trekking as an activity.

Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda draws a large number of visitors to the Volcanoes National Park, and the odds of spotting mountain gorillas are extremely high. gorilla trekking rwanda volcanoes national park entails travelling through dense bamboo woods and steep mountain slopes in search of one of Rwanda’s gorilla families. The final meeting with the primates is regarded as one of Africa’s most exciting and memorable wildlife encounters. To get the best of both worlds, visitors can cross the border into Uganda to see the gorillas in what is known as double gorilla trekking. Some people even choose to go gorilla trekking while also visiting the gorillas at Congo’s Virunga National Park. For a test consider a 1 day gorilla trek rwanda

Rwanda Travel Destinations

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the few sites on the planet where you may observe endangered mountain gorillas in their natural environment. Rwanda gorilla trekking excursions are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that takes careful planning and preparation. To get you started, here are some frequently asked questions regarding Rwanda gorilla safaris.

Why Visit Rwanda to see gorillas?

To summarise, the decision between gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda is based on personal interests and priorities. With additional gorilla populations and tracking locations, Uganda has more alternatives for wildlife attractions and activities. Rwanda, on the other hand, has faster airport (gorilla trekking in uganda permits) are less expensive than in Rwanda. Both countries provide an equally incredible gorilla trekking experience, and travellers can make their choice based on their budget, physical fitness, and safari itinerary choices.

Best Time to visit Rwanda for gorilla trekking?

The ideal months to see gorillas in Rwanda are December to February and June to September, when the trekking trails are dry. Most crucially, when you will be able to obtain a gorilla trekking permit. Permits are like gold dust, frequently selling out over a year ahead of time during peak months. That is when you require our expert to wave the magical availability wand. Between October and November, or March and May, it rains heavily. Tourists tend to avoid certain times, but the gorillas are always present, even if trekking in the rain might be difficult.

Can i get a gorilla trekking permit myself?

The gorilla permit can be purchased online through the Rwanda Development Board’s website or through a local tour operator. The Rwanda permit is $1,500 per person and covers park admission. Please keep in mind that the permission is only available to people over the age of 15. While permits can be purchased at the last minute, availability during the peak season months of June to September may be restricted. To minimise disappointment, it is suggested that you purchase your ticket well in advance (at least three months).

Why gorilla trekking in Rwanda more expensive than Uganda’s trekking?

The high expense of gorilla trekking in Rwanda is partly owing to the considerable conservation efforts required to protect these majestic creatures. Those who provide security, healthcare, and trekking services work in extraordinarily difficult conditions, often spending hours, days, or even weeks away from their families to secure the gorillas’ survival. Rwanda has also established itself as a destination for high-end tourism, with magnificent hotels and safari lodges catering to discerning visitors. As a result, gorilla treks in Rwanda are mainly reserved for individuals looking for a high-end, luxurious tourist experience. so the high gorilla trekking Rwanda prices

How hard is gorilla trekking in Rwanda?

If you decide to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda, you should be aware that the trek can be difficult. The trip is divided into two sections, the first of which is a pretty simple 30-minute walk from the car park to the park boundary. The second portion, however, can be more difficult because it includes travelling into the bush to find the gorillas. Depending on the position of the gorillas and the steepness of the terrain, this can take anything from 10 minutes to two hours. Trekkers should be physically healthy and prepared to ascend to elevations of 7000 feet or higher, which may create breathing issues.

Hiring a porter on gorilla trekking safari in rwanda?

Hiring a porter for your Rwanda gorilla trekking adventure is strongly suggested, as the walk can be physically difficult for many people. Porters can help you navigate difficult terrain by offering support, carrying your belongings, and even carrying you if necessary. Hiring a porter not only makes the experience easier for you, but it also benefits the local community. Many porters rely on gorilla tourism to feed their families, and the $20 price for a porter can give financial help for low-income families for over twenty days. Supporting local communities is an important part of being a responsible traveller, and hiring a porter is a wonderful way to do so while also making your walk more doable.

Tipping Safari guides in Rwanda?

Tipping tour guides, park rangers, site guides, drivers, and porters is usual in Rwanda, however it is optional. The average tip per traveller per day is between USD $10 and $20, but the amount fluctuates depending on personal discretion in relation to service satisfaction. You do not need to tip porters if you are paying them directly for their services.

To provide gratuities, it is advised to bring small US dollar bills (no older than 2006) or local cash. Before going to the countryside, exchange money at the airport Forex shop or bank and make sure you understand the exchange rate to avoid being taken advantage of.

Is it a must to see gorillas?

It is true that participating in guided gorilla tours in Rwanda increases your chances of spotting mountain gorillas. The rangers and trackers collaborate to identify the gorillas and safeguard the safety of the trekkers. The gorillas are habituated to human presence, so they are accustomed to seeing people and do not perceive them as a threat. It is important to note, however, that gorilla sightings are not guaranteed because gorillas are wild animals who can wander freely in their habitat. The 97% success rate refers to the likelihood of sighting gorillas on a guided trip; nonetheless, there is a slight chance that the gorillas will not be found during the trek.

Is Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda Safe?

Close contact with habituated mountain gorillas is generally regarded safe during a gorilla trekking trip as long as certain regulations and guidelines are observed. These laws are in place to protect humans, gorillas, and other creatures in the protected reserve. One of the most important rules is to keep at least 10 metres (32 feet) away from the gorillas at all times and to obey the ranger’s instructions during the hike.

Other rules include wearing face masks and gloves when near the gorillas, avoiding the tour if you are sick, avoiding direct eye contact with the gorillas, staying still or moving and whispering when a gorilla approaches, and not eating, drinking, or excreting near the gorillas. Visitors can have a close encounter with these gorgeous species while protecting their well-being and habitat conservation by following these rules.

What to pack for gorilla trekking safari in rwanda?

Vaccination certificate for yellow fever
Tourist visa ($50 per person; East African visa ($100 for Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda)
Hiking or walking shoes that are lightweight and waterproof
Waterproof jacket or poncho that is lightweight.
Long-sleeved shirt and hiking trousers
Hiking gloves, a cape, or a sunhat
For cool mornings, a fleece or light-wool jumper.
Waterproof rucksack for carrying drinking water, a packed lunch and your electronics.
Sunglasses and sunscreen are required.
Binoculars and a camera
Walking sticks or staff; UWA supplies one at the trailhead.
At least one litre of drinking water, as well as a packed lunch (upmarket lodges supply packed lunch).
a pair of single-use facemasks
A basic first aid kit with antiseptic wipes, antihistamine cream, insect repellant, plasters, pain relievers, antimalarials, and rehydration sachets may be useful.

Things To Do In Rwanda

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